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Orange County Hounds Hunter Pace Events
Old Whitewood Farm, 3760 Whitewood Rd.The Plains, VA
Saturday, April 1, 2023

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     Hunter Pace over Fences
Order Rider Horse Hunt
Fast Time
1 Brown, HattieMaybe This Time Rappahannock Hunt
  D'Alessandro, KristyBianca Rappahannock Hunt
Junior Optimum Time
1 Tufts, CamdenMickey MOC Beagles
  Teie, DaniellaCrown Thy Good MOC Beagles
Optimum Time
1 Taylor, JenBB Orange County Hounds
  Curran, AbigaleMarshal Dillon Orange County Hounds
2 Powers, MicheleHank Orange County Hounds/Piedmont Fox Hounds
  Osman, HollyFoster's Boy Old Dominion Hounds
3 Morison, EleanorCaptain Orange County Hounds
  Curran, AbigaleMordy Orange County Hounds
4 Kuk, GeorgeBarrister Middleburg Hunt/Piedmont Fox Hounds
  Zebrovious, DevonMorningstar Middleburg Hunt/Piedmont Fox Hounds
     Hunter Pace on the Flat
Order Rider Horse Hunt
Flat - Junior Optimum Time
1 Clancy, MilesChloe MOC Beagles
  Simmons, ParkerPanda MOC Beagles
2 Spreadborough, ConnerLeo the Lion MOC Beagles/Orange County Hounds
  Walsh, HaleyFalcon MOC Beagles
4 Mahavich, ZachSnickers MOC Beagles
  Mahevich, RichPhoebe MOC Beagles
Flat - Optimum Time
1 Bishop, AndrewMac Orange County Hounds
  Siddle, WendyGo Go Orange County Hounds
2 Ginn-Brown, KimSeamus the Bartender Blue Ridge Hunt
  Ginn-Brown, KimTucker Ducker Blue Ridge Hunt
2 Kaseman, RitaTemple Tantrum Loudoun Fairfax Hunt
  Dendinger, KateFields of Henley Loudoun Fairfax Hunt
3 Curran, MaryEllenChile Blue Ridge Hunt
  Sahkul, LisaBadger Blue Ridge Hunt
4 King, LaurenValentino Old Dominion Hounds
  Kois, AbbySparrows Galway Bay