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Virginia Steeplechase Hall of Fame

Legendary Horse

Marat (Chi) (William Russell o, t, William Russell r)2021
Topeador (Chi) (Henry G. Wood, Jr. o, Mrs. D. M. Smithwick t, Henry Wood, Jr. r)2018
Wise One (G. Dennis Vaughan, III o, Jimmy Day t, Peter Wash, Matthew McCarron r)2017
Ricacho (Randolph D. Rouse o/t, Joseph Aitcheson, Jr., Alfred Smithwick r)2014
Boca Bird (Roy E. Graham o, Tommy Jones t, Roy E. Graham, Hilary Thompson, Ready Snodgrass r)2011
Champerty (Randy M. Waterman o, William N. Walsh t, Randy M. Waterman r)2011
Augustus Bay (Jane F. Clark o, Eric Watters t, TBD r2010
Estremadura (William H. duPont o, A. Ridgely White t, William H. duPont r)2010
L'Escargot (Powhatan o, Dan L. Moore t, Tom Carberry r)2009
Shadow Brook (Stephen C. Clark, Jr. o, Sidney Watters, Jr. t, Leo O'Brien r)2009
Annual Meeting (John W. Warner o, A. Ridgely White t, Joe Aitcheson, Willie Moore, Willie McCormick, Jonathan Ruhsam r)2008
Chapel Street (Paul Mellon o, A. Ridgely White t, Joe Aitcheson, Louis Neilson, Willie Moore r)2008
Life's Illusion (Virginia Guest o, Paul R. Fout t, Al Quanbeck, Doug Fout, Tom Skiffington r)2008
Private Gary (Joseph M. Rogers o, Donna Truslow t, Randy Waterman, Charles Fenwick, Jr., Speedy Smithwick r)2008
Soothsayer (Montpelier o, Peter M. Howe t, Skip Brittle, Jerry Fishback, Joe Aitcheson r)2008
Battleship (Marion duPont Scott o, t, TBD r2007
Bon Nouvel (Mrs. T. A. Randolph o, D. Michael Smithwick t, TBD r2007
Cinzano (Randolph D. Rouse o, Randolph D. Rouse t, TBD r2007
King of Spades (Joseph M. Rogers o, Joseph M. Rogers t, TBD r2007
Leeds Don (David L. Ferguson o, A. Ridgely White t, TBD r2007
Sugar Bee (Arthur W. Arundel o, Charles C. Fenwick, Jr. t, TBD r2007

Contemporary Horse

Gold Quoit (Kinross Farm o, Neil R. Morris t, Matthew McCarron r)2019
Sur La Tete (Kinross Farm o, Neil R. Morris t, Christopher Read r)2016
Miles Ahead (Kinross Farm o, Neil R. Morris t, Christopher Read r)2015
Good Night Shirt (Harold A. Via, Jr. o, Jack Fisher t, William Dowling, Xavier Aizpuru r)2013
Hirapour (Ire) (Eldon Farm Racing Stable o, Doug Fout t, Matthew McCarron r)2012
Lord Kenneth (Kinross Farm o, Neil R. Morris t, Matthew McCarron r)2012
Glyn (W. Gary Baker o, Donald Yovanovich t, Don Yovanovich r)2009
Friendly Retreat (Marion Vere Nicoll o, Donald Yovanovich t/r2008
Saluter (Mrs. Henry F. Stern o, Jack Fisher t, TBD r2007

Legendary Person

Daniel Sands2020
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Clark, Jr.2018
Willie L. Moore2016
Thomas E. Field2015
Knots Brooks2012
John T. Skinner2012
Arthur White2012
James W. Murphy2010
George L. Ohrstrom, Sr.2010
Francis Thornton Greene2009
James P. McCormick2009
Russell M. Arundel2008
Raymond R. Guest2008
Noel Laing2008
Jerry R. Fishback2007
Mrs. T. A. Randolph2007
Marion duPont Scott2007

Contemporary Person

William H. Allison2017
Magalen O. Bryant2014
Crompton "Tommy" Smith, Jr.2013
W. Gary Baker2011
Henry Stern2011
Peter Winants2010
Donald Yovanovich2010
Virginia A. Beach2009
A. Ridgely White2009
Arthur W. Arundel2008
Zohar Ben-Dov2008
Paul R. Fout2008
George L. Ohrstrom, Jr.2008
Silas D. Phillips, Jr.2008
Paul Mellon2007
William F. O'Keefe2007
Joseph M. Rogers2007
Randolph D. Rouse2007
Mrs. D. M. Smithwick2007