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Piedmont Fox Hounds Hunter Pace Events
Salem Course, Upperville, Virginia
Sunday, March 24, 2024

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     Hunter Pace over Fences
Order Rider Horse Hunt
Fast Time
1 Cockburn, SamPost War Piedmont Fox Hounds
  deStanley, CamilleBig Dave Snickersville Hounds
Optimum Time
1 Taylor, JenMore to the Point Orange County Hounds
  Curran, AbigailMarshal Dillon Orange County Hounds
2 Rohner, BoydonLawn Lady
  Baptiste, MoCha Cha Piedmont Fox Hounds
3 Branner, LaureyAlbany Road Old Dominion Hounds
  Cole, JocelynCaptain Thunder Pants Old Dominion Hounds
4 Smith, KarenFergus
  Barry, BrandonAuxis Old Dominion Hounds
     Open Hunter Pace over Fences
Order Rider Horse Hunt
Fast Time
1 Donnelly, MelissaBruce Loudoun Fairfax Hunt
  Mitchell, NoahCaptain Middleburg Hunt
Optimum Time
1 Billings, ElizabethCooley Covert Orange County Hounds
  Dilley, MalcolmGarth Piedmont Fox Hounds
2 Strahler, JoanOdin Middleburg Hunt
  Dowdy, JohnHugo Orange County Hounds
3 Holz, CynthiaWant To Be Piedmont Fox Hounds & MOC Beagles
  Botto, MorganMountain Air MOC Beagles
     Hunter Pace on the Flat
Order Rider Horse Hunt
Flat - Junior Optimum Time
1 Walsh, HaleyFalcon MOC Beagles
  McQuillan, PaytonOBI MOC Beagles
2 Spreadborough, ConnerMickey MOC Beagles/Orange County Hounds
  Spreadborough, BradleyTrixie MOC Beagles/Orange County Hounds
3 Hilling, DenverMagic Piedmont Fox Hounds
  Combs, CharlotteSnickers MOC Beagles
Flat - Optimum Time
1 Jolly, CherieGunnar Warrenton Hunt
  Recame, SeanBea Warrenton Hunt
2 Ryder, BradTotal Wildcat Orange County Hounds
  Curran, FredRiver Orange County Hounds
3 Ferguson, FrankBig Red Orange County Hounds
  Brown, LeonardRicochet Snickersville Hounds
4 Walsh, EmmaRocket MOC Beagles
  Call, KatieRonan Piedmont Fox Hounds
     Open Hunter Pace on the Flat
Order Rider Horse Hunt
Flat - Optimum Time
1 Baptiste, MoConr Orange County Hounds
  Finlay, ChrisSoloman
2 Simodjka, JillJack Snickersville Hounds
  Handley, ConstancePeddler T. Barnum Snickersville Hounds
3 Dove, KittyFiggy Orange County Hounds
  O'Connor, ReidLegally Gray
4 Wayland, FranciBodie
  Tierney, KimWhistler